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NIGHTSIDE GLANCE  Gray Haven  ©2016

Second album of Belorussian sympho black metal band NIGHTSIDE GLANCE will be released on CD

Symphonic black metal band from Belarus NIGHTSIDE GLANCE singned deal with MUSICA Production. Their second masterpiece Gray Haven will be released on December, 9.

The album was record in Monroe Sound Studio, Poland (VESANIA, MASACHIST). Dialogues and female vocals for track Daydream Lullaby was recorded in GFI Studios, USA. Bass was recorded by Artem Serdyuk (THY DESEASE, DISLOYAL).

Gray Haven is a conceptual album about mental hospital Gray Haven. The main character is a psychiatrist, whom falls into a different reality. He's trying to understand and finding answers about his mental condition. Then he became the prisoner of his own hospital.

Below you can watch studio clip for track Awakening from upcoming album.

Track list:

1. Humdrum
2. On the Wrong Side
3. Daydream Lullaby
4. Gray Haven 
5. Persecution Complex
6. Awakening
7. Ward No. 208 
8. Figment of the Imagination
9. Last Frontier
10. Final Chapter
11. Epilogue

NIGHTSIDE GLANCE was founded in Minsk in 2003. Gray Haven is a second album of the band. Debut CD Esge Of Time was released via the biggest Russian metal label Irond Records.

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